Contentment, etc.

As I was reading Philippians 4 this morning, I was reminded again of how badly verse 13 is twisted by so many people. In verse 12, Paul clearly states that he has discovered the secret of contentment in every situation. In verse 13, he gives the secret: “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Yet, time and again, I hear that verse used to promise strength for all kinds of things that have nothing to do with contentment and everything to do with ambition, etc. I guess that’s why you need to remember that “Context is King.”

After lunch today, I finished “There Is No I in Church” by Keith Drury. It wasn’t entirely ground-breaking, but he brought up some good ideas and I’d really like to study it with our small group sometime.

I tried to install QuickVerse on my new laptop tonight only to find that the book manager doesn’t work right on Windows Vista. I called tech support and they said I would have to upgrade to QuickVerse 2007. I was thinking about it anyway, and they gave me a 25% discount, so I went ahead. I had a little birthday money burning a hole in my pocket anyhow.