by sumpteretc

Douglas Adams once said that the one thing humans cannot afford to have is a sense of perspective. But I beg to differ. Perspective is vitally needed, especially for followers of Jesus. Actually, perspective is what Advent is all about. 

Life is hard. If Christ doesn’t come, if we’re not waiting with a sense of expectation, then life’s little problems (and big ones) mount up, and it becomes unbearable. Witness this week’s suicide of KC weatherman Don Harman. But, hidden under perspective, there is hope.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’m currently facing a huge ministry challenge. The twists that this has taken this week… well, I don’t know if you’d believe them if I told you. The problem has taken on aspects I never would have imagined, and has involved people with greater earthly power. But, in the spirit of Advent, I’m trying to put those things in perspective and remember that I serve one infinitely greater, that I am not forgotten and that he is working all things for my good.