My Competitive Side

by sumpteretc

This girl took a bet to eat 10 hot dogs in 20 mins. Never gonna happen.

I used to consider myself a competitive person and, to some degree, I still am, I suppose. I do really like to win at games, but don't try to hard at things when I know I'm likely to do poorly. On Wii Fit Plus, I've gone through and made sure that I have the top score on every game, and, if anybody passes me, I'll probably try to regain the high score.

When I was more active at geocaching, I would regularly check my stats to see where I ranked among Kansas geocachers. Moving up one position on the rankings was a real accomplishment for me. Now that I am the only geocacher on the entire Mongolian chart, I don't have much motivation for competition.

So, while I do still like to compete in friendly games, and while I might be able to get into competitive eating, I think that, in most of the truly meaningful things of life, I've become less competitive and more cooperative. Since my primary occupation is to be kingdom work, I would like to see the parts of the body working in greater cooperation. I probably pay more attention to nickels and noses than I ought to, but I don't think I'm especially competitive in that regard. I want to see every part of the church working to outdo its past accomplishments but not in competition with each other. I was struck by one of our pastors' sermons last month in which he highlighted God's comment about the builders of the tower of Babel. About these people joined together around a common purpose, God noted, "Nothing will be impossible to them."

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