guest post by Elijah

by sumpteretc

Mommy and Daddy’s Horse Race
Mommy and Daddy have said they would do a horse race, and it was Mommy versus Daddy so they were racing against each other. And then the person that says “Ready! Set! Go!” is saying “Ready! Set! Go!” And then the gun banged, and Mommy and Daddy’s horses started to run towards Michael and Daniel’s house. Mommy and Daddy got to Michael and Daniel’s house first, and then they were on a turn and were running back towards my house then. And then Daddy’s horse fell down and got back up again. The same thing with Mommy’s horse; it fell down and got back up again. And then their horses started running again back in the direction of my house. And then, there was a tie. Mommy and Daddy both crossed the finish line first. So they both get the gold trophy! And then, the race starts all over again.
The End