The tradition of respecting men

by sumpteretc

Mongolians believe that a man is the shelter and support of the family, and they very much respect men and fathers.

The head of the household’s seat is in the honored part of the tent, and nobody else may sit there. A man is the support for his wife and children and must love and take care of them. In the old days, women respected their husbands and spoke to them with the formal pronoun of address. Some women in the countryside still use that form.

When they make food, they give the best portion of the food to the head of the house. If the head of the house or father isn’t home, they follow the custom of placing the best portion of the food in his bowl.

Children obey their fathers and always respect them. Children bear their father’s name, so if they do something bad, their father’s name is mentioned. So, children try to think of their own as well as their father’s name and live correctly. It is taboo for children to drink vodka, smoke, or say bad words in the presence of their parents. The father is also to be an example to his children and has the role of teaching them. There is a saying, “A father’s teaching is gold.” There are five features of what kind of a person a head of household and father must be.
1. able to see far ahead
2. thoughtful and wise
3. gracious and merciful
4. friendly
5. courteous

A woman doesn’t touch a man’s head; if she must touch it, she asks first. Also a woman doesn’t put on a man’s belt. A man’s hat isn’t placed just anywhere; it’s placed in the honored part of the tent. It is always placed with the opening downward. Mongolians don’t step over a hat or belt. They believe that a man’s soul is in his hat and belt. When men sleep, they take off their belt, tie it, and put it under their pillow. This is connected with the belief that they must be ready at any time to put their belt on. They put their belt on in a clockwise direction.

It is taboo for men to clean up or burn trash.