September Newsletter

by sumpteretc

Sumpter Sentinel

September 2009

Dear partners,

Winter is already upon us here in Mongolia. After a few balmy autumn days, we were hit with lots of wind and snow this weekend. It makes us thankful for a warm apartment and stores close to home. Pray for those who were killed or lost in the snowstorm and for the farmers with 10,000 tons of wheat under snow right now.

We have returned to language school this month. Both of us have several new teachers. I (Chris) have four teachers each week and Tiffany three, only one of whom is a believer. This gives us lots of opportunity for sharing about our relationship with Christ and about the Bible. With one of my teachers, I am reading through the parables and miracles of Jesus. I am fairly confident that she has never encountered these stories before. Pray that Ariunbolor and our other teachers will understand that these are more than just stories, and that Jesus wants to be their Friend and Savior.

We have also begun homeschooling Elijah. This is a bit of a challenge, but he seems to be doing fairly well so far. Pray that Elijah’s attention span will lengthen J and that we will be patient as we teach him. Pray also that he will be able to make some Mongolian friends. Cold weather means more inside time, so this will be increasingly difficult.

As we become more acquainted with the people at church, we are asked for greater levels of involvement. Our intention is to focus on learning the language and culture right now, but we do understand the importance of some of the things the church is trying to accomplish. Pray with us that we will have wisdom to know where to get involved and where to step back and keep working on our studies.

Thank you so much for faithfully standing with us to build Christ’s church in Mongolia. We are thrilled to be your partners in this work.

God bless you!

Chris, Tiffany, Elijah & Joel Sumpter