Vacation Day

by sumpteretc

Well, today seemed a little more like a vacation day.

Our church has 12 hours of prayer once a month. Normally, it’s on the first Friday of the month, but because of our leaders’ retreat it was postponed until today. I have signed up to participate once before, but somehow my time slot came and went and it totally slipped my mind. I was sick on Sunday, so I had not signed up for this month’s event; but I figured it would be fine to just drop in. I had the best time of extended prayer that I have had for quite a while, so I think it was definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

After an hour of prayer, I jumped on a microbus and headed on down to the market. I purchased a set of shelves for our bathroom. We’ve been holding off for a long time looking for some kind of enclosed cabinet that would fit the space beside our washing machine. I was pretty well consigned to the fact that we were going to have to have something custom made, but Tiffany agreed today that some open shelves would work as a temporary measure. I bought another set last week as a bookshelf for the home school stuff, so we had a little experience putting the shelves together. This set was missing a screw, but I think we got it put together satisfactorily. It’s nice to get rid of the boxes that have been cluttering up the bathroom and maybe get some of the towels out of our bedroom.

We want to try to get out of the city at least once this month, even if it’s only to Terelj. Tsegii is going to church camp next Friday, so we figured that would be a good time for our outing. I emailed Tiara resort about spending the night in a ger there next weekend, and it looks like that’s going to work. Now, I just need to make sure we’ve got our transportation ducks in a row. I’m also a little worried about the weather. It looks like it will barely breach 70 over the next 10 days, and we’ve got the possibility of rain on 8 of those days.

This evening, for our date, we decided to check out Big Bowling. I think this bowling alley opened a couple months ago, but we hadn’t been yet. After trying to find some cheaper way to get there, we finally broke down and took a cab. The bowling there is actually pretty pricey for UB, but they were having a two-for-one special and we were there before 6:00, so we got off pretty cheap. At first, we were a little curious about the fact that Tiffany was the only woman bowling, but eventually a couple other women joined in. The bowling alley was pretty nice, 10 lanes with AMF pinsetters, ball returns, and computerized score keeping. It was obvious that we hadn’t bowled in a while, but I at least managed to break 100 both games.

From there, we hopped on a bus, not really sure where it was going, but assuming it would at least head back to the center of the city. As we approached the Peace Bridge, I suggested that we check out American Ger’ll restaurant. We’d heard decent reviews of the place but hadn’t yet visited. We walked by World Market and stopped in to see what the latest overpriced American imports were but didn’t buy anything. Then on to the restaurant. I’d say they have the American sports bar ambiance down pretty well, except for the TV programming. They had 2 TVs: one was showing Fashion TV and the other was showing a recording of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I figured that wouldn’t go over too well in most American establishments, but I guess nobody was complaining but me. The food was decent. I had a cheeseburger which was mediocre, but Tiff’s Philly cheese steak was the best she’s had…here.

We wandered around town a bit more and closed out our evening at Coffee Empire, which is kinda our default chilling out spot. We grab a cup of java and leaf through ancient magazines and chat. A nice evening of just relaxing and enjoying each other.