Food of Many Nations day

by sumpteretc

Today’s Mongolian word is actually a phrase: Цаг хэд болж байна вэ? (Tsog head bolj ban way?) Literally, it means “Hour how many becoming is?” which naturally means “What time is it?”

I promised that I would blog a little about the food here. At this point, I am hardly an expert, since I have eaten very little Mongolian food. However, we did have a Foods of Many Nations day at language school the other day. I forgot to take a camera, but my friend Chris brought his, and he was kind enough to share some pictures with me.

  white foods

We started out by learning about white foods. One of the central elements of the Mongolian diet is dairy. We were amazed by the astounding variety of foods that are made from milk and milk products.


They helpfully made flow charts and arrows to show all of the various things that can be made from various dairy products. We got to taste a lot of them and they varied extremely in taste, although most of them were quite good.

This one was a cheese that had been aged for about a year. It had a sharp but good taste.

In my next post, I’ll share some pictures of the “meat” we sampled that day.