American Food Shop

by sumpteretc

Tonight, I went to visit the American Food Shop, a store that has an amazing selection of imported products. Ididn’t spend the time to make a careful inventory of all that was there, but I did notice brands like Jiffy Pop, Skippy and Starbucks. Does shopping there make me a bad missionary? To be fair, all I bought was hamburger, freezer bags and vinegar.

On another topic entirely, my language teacher asks me almost daily, “Are you tired?” I’m not really, but I think my eyes start to glaze over after a couple of hours. I got some pretty good review done when I got back to the apartment. I’m finding FlashCard Exchange to be a very useful tool. It’s a bit painful to type everything in Cyrillic, but I like the interface. I’m thinking about paying for the full version. If you search for Mongolian on the site, most of the flash cards are mine.