Results of last year’s harvest

by sumpteretc

Mongolia had a larger-than-expected harvest this fall. Mongolia Web News reports that

about 205,821 tons of cereals, 142,124 tons of potatoes and 80,627 tons of vegetables were harvested this year.

Also, Mongolian farmers brought in 1008.8 thousand tons of hay, 25.9 thousand tons of hand-made fodder and 950.2 tons of silage crops.

Compared with the same period in 2007, the harvest of cereals, potatoes, hay and silage crops increased 85.3 thousand tons or 74.4 percent, 18.5 thousand tons or 16.2 percent, 116.0 thousand tons or 13.0 percent, and 796.1 tons or 6.2 times more, respectively.

Hopefully, this will help to make Mongolia more self-sufficient in the coming year and less subject to food price inflation.