New Coke plant in Ulaanbaatar

by sumpteretc

Coca-Cola has just spent 22 million dollars to build a new six-hectare manufacturing plant in Mongolia. Coke has enjoyed a 50% annual growth rate in the country; they supply direct employment for 3,500 people and perhaps indirect employment for as many as 35,000 suppliers and business partners.

“With the burgeoning beverage market in Mongolia we have recorded remarkable growth rates. In 2002 we sold 4 Coca-Cola products to every average Mongolian consumer. In 2008 we are selling an average of 67 beverages to every Mongolian consumer. This has caused our first plant to run out of manufacturing capacity 7 years ahead of schedule” said Mr. Jambaljamts [Chairman & CEO of MCS Group]. “We are greatly encouraged by the outstanding performance of our bottling operation as both the bottling company and The Coca-Cola Company have exceeded all projections of profitability and sales. Our investment in the new plant is just our first step to bring world class manufacturing to Mongolia.”