May 30 headlines

by sumpteretc

Mongolia has now called for Saturday to be a day of mourning for the 45 people killed by a recent snowstorm in the eastern provinces, including 14 children. Tallies of the missing vary from 8 to 100, and thousands of livestock also perished. More than 300 rescue workers are battling poor weather conditions to search for the missing.

Have a bachelor’s degree in English, history, geography or math? Are you open, tolerant, and a team player? There might be a job for you at Hobby School, a bi-lingual primary and secondary school in Mongolia. The salary is $700/mo. after taxes, but the school provides your accommodations, as well as paid vacations and a travel allowance at the end of the school year.

Getting high on Mongolian run by — MONGOLIA’S snow-capped mountains and ancient horse trails are spectacular to look at – so why would you want to run up them? But that’s what a group of ultra marathon fanatics are about to do, writes Sam Riley