10 Ways to Ensure You Stay Broke

by sumpteretc

The Consumerist had a great article on how to be a bad steward of your finances. You might want to go over this list and see how many describe you. If you think of some other money-wasting ideas, feel free to add them in a comment.

1) Make Shopping Your Hobby.

2) Don’t Have a Budget.

3) Impress Your Friends By Buying Them Expensive Stuff You Can’t Afford.

4) Go Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry, With No List.

5) Go To The Little ATM At The Gas Station. A Lot.

6) Buy Lots and Lots of “Comfort Items” Without Considering The Cost.

7) Don’t Open A High Interest Savings Account

8) Run Up Lots Of Credit Card Debt

9) Let Yourself Go.

10) Buy Your Children Whatever They Want