by sumpteretc

Elijah spent the night with my parents last night so that Tiff and I could have our weekly date. We ate dinner at Chapala in Olathe and then headed to Crown Center to watch Field of Dreams on the big screen they set up on Friday nights. Surprisingly, I stayed awake through the whole movie; I don’t have a good track record with Kevin Costner movies, especially the 3-hour epics that include 2 hours of South Dakota scenic pans.

This morning, I postponed my daily walk for a bit due to some light rain. I worked on a personal budget for a little while. We’re not doing badly financially; I just like to be sure that we are aware of what we are doing with the money we have. When the weather cleared up a bit, Tiff and I went to the farmers market and bought some watermelon. There seemed to be lots of good stuff, but we’re going to be out of town for a week so there’s not much point in stocking up. We picked Elijah up and came back home, and he and I went for a walk. We stopped at a garage sale, but didn’t find anything we really needed. I made a citrus cooler for lunch, but the club soda was pretty flat so it didn’t have much pizazz.

After lunch, I relaxed in the pool and read a bit more of Loving God by Charles Colson. I decided to do a few webcam geocaches for the first time, so Tiff stayed home and took pictures of me while I went out and stood on one leg in various places. Very strange idea!