Essential links

by sumpteretc

Do you like “Breakout”-style video games? I like playing Vortex on our iPod, but I am horrible at manipulating the click wheel. Bad idea, Mr. Jobs! But now, you can play something like Vortex in reverse online. It’s not horribly addictive, so try Plastic Balls 1.5 out.

Do you like to play with GI Joe dolls? Sure you have all the gear for their exciting military missions but what does Joe wear for a day of golf, cross-country skiing or butterfly collecting? Try the collection of hand-knitted sweaters and toques at The Sarah Foster Sweater Collection.

Do you like to key cars that are parked across two spots? Take a kinder, gentler approach with bumper stickers from I Park Like an Idiot. This company pretends that the sticker is for your own car, but they sell them in bulk, so go figure.

Do you like to use “Google’s image search to generate a large gridded montage of images based on keywords” that you enter? Okay, probably not yet, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it at Montage-a-Google.

Do you like to watch the world’s smallest DJ cut some mad grooves on a tiny Victrola? Okay, nobody really likes to do that, but if you absolutely have to, you can check it out atLejo dj.

Do you think that duct tape is what holds this world together? If so, you might want to also use it to protect your cash. Buy a duct tape wallet at Uncommon Goods.