by sumpteretc

Tiff and I both went to the dentist today for a cleaning. The entire visit for both of us took only 45 minutes and cost a total of $12. I’m going to miss some things when I return to the US.

Ever since we’ve lived here, there’s been an old mango stump beside the house. Since we had the house treated for termites, they’ve had to look elsewhere for their food. They found some of it in that old stump. Last year, some of the students hacked and hacked away at the stump but could never cut all the way through. Earlier today, I went and kicked it over. It was completely eaten up in the core. Termites were teeming all over it. I dumped a little termite poison on the existing stump and on the large section that broke off. I wasn’t sure if it was flammable, but I tried to light it anyhow. It burned gloriously. In fact, now, some 9 or 10 hours later, it’s still burning gloriously. Presumably by morning, the fire will have gone out . . . or possibly have burned down our house.

A lot of people have been asking what our plan is after this term of service. The answer is . . . we still don’t know. To make things worse, the whole Asia area is in transition right now. As of March, we will have a new area director Dr. Romy Caringal.