by sumpteretc

I didn’t do much today besides write a couple of midterm examinations. I’m a little worried that the students aren’t going to do too well. I tried to make the exams a little easier than usual, but things are conspiring against their success. A former president of the college has come to teach a module on major and minor prophets for the third-year students. Consequently, those students are spending 5 hours a day in that class as well as a couple hours of work each day. That doesn’t leave much time for study. I wish there were some way around this, but there doesn’t seem to be. There won’t be any classes next week, because the Luzon Regional Ministerial Conference is being held here on campus. All of the students have to go home to make room for the dozens of pastors who will be coming in. Then, the following week, the third year students will continue their module.