duckpin bowling

by sumpteretc

Friday is date day for the Sumpters, so we took off this afternoon to Urdaneta. After lunch at Pizza Hut, we surmised our entertainment opportunities. Wesleyans here don’t really go to movies, at least not the Wesleyans who teach at the college. Tiffany didn’t feel like going swimming, so that left bowling. Urdaneta doesn’t have a real bowling alley, but they do have duckpin bowling. Duckpin bowling uses smaller pins and smaller bowling balls, which makes it much harder. On the bright side, you get to roll three times per frame. Still, they say that any score higher than 100 is a good score. We didn’t have any good scores today. The bright side is that it costs 15 pesos a game, so you can pretty much bowl to your heart’s content.