Q-tip catastrophe

by sumpteretc

Yes, there was a mudslide in the Philippines lately, and yes, the President declared a national state of emergency yesterday, but what concerned me most this morning struck a little closer to home. I got a piece of cotton stuck in my ear. They have some cheap cotton swabs in the market, and Tiffany bought some when we ran out of the good kind. Since then, we’ve bought good ones and had others shipped to us. But . . . I was trying to use up the old ones and, lo and behold, I pulled the swab out of my ear and found myself staring at an empty stick. Apparently, the cotton was well inside my ear. Tiffany tried to get it out with tweezers and a flashlight but wasn’t making much progress. I was already late to pick up church members in Casanicolasan, so I went ahead with my route. Tiff did some online investigating while I was gone and felt safer about going back in, so with a little digging around and pulling on my ear, she was finally able to retrieve the pesky bit of material.

We had a good crowd in church today. It seems to fluctuate a bit from week to week, but I think, all in all, the church is growing numerically. The youth group had a love fellowship yesterday, and I think more than 60 attended.

Not too much else out of the ordinary today. When I picked the students up in Imus, Joel told me that they had been invited to eat in the home of one of the church members but that Syrel and Arlene were too ashamed to eat. I’m not really sure what that means, (and I’m not really sure how to find out).