test preparation

by sumpteretc

This morning, I wrote my pre-lim exam for my missions 2 class. I’m always “hard up,” as they say here, when it is time to write the exam. The students do best at recognition tests or at memorizing lists, but I can’t help but challenge them to critical thinking. So, I’ve written the exams as mostly short answer and essay, which I may yet regret. I copied the exam to a disk and took it to Mayette, the helper for the blind students. Within a few hours, she had returned the disk along with two copies of the exam in braille.

Madam Virgie was the speaker in chapel this morning. She gave her personal testimony. When she came here as a student, she came against her father’s wishes and with no financial support. She talked about how she could not even afford soap to wash her clothes. Still, her bill was always paid, although she never knew who was paying it. She also told about how Pastor Alex had chosen to marry her, even though the doctor said she could never have children. God has blessed their marriage with three kids. It’s always funny to see the students’ reactions when anyone talks about boyfriends and girlfriends, even when Virgie talked about God giving her Pastor Alex. There are always giggles and little shrieks and the obligatory “Wooooooowwww!”