Disciplinary meeting

by sumpteretc

Tonight, following the students’ prayer meeting, we heard the report from the disciplinary committee. We do this about monthly. The acting president of the college went to the front and began to read the list of offenders. I think there were 8 this time. Three couples were named who had violated the school’s social policies. Generally speaking, they had engaged in prolonged conversations, texted each other on cell phones, or, in one case, the boy had given the girl a gift. The other offenders had left campus last Saturday night without obtaining permission. Each name was read, one by one, followed by the list of offenses, sometimes containing language of shock that someone would dare to violate these rules (despite the fact that it happens almost continuously). Then, the punishment, er, disciplinary measures were read. Every offender was required to give a public apology, extra work assignments were given to all (digging a 5x5x5 pit, making & maintaining a garden, cleaning the tabernacle, washing dishes, etc.), the couples were forbidden from any contact with each other for the next month, and the gift that was given was to be returned. In addition, four of the students were given a “WARNING FOR SUSPENSION.” These were, I believe, repeat offenders. Six of the eight students were first year, the usual suspects. But there were also 2 third years on the list this time–a rarity, as they are supposed to be beyond this by now. Even while the acting president was reading the report, I noticed one of the couples talking to each other, mere moments after it had been announced that they were to have absolutely no contact with each other. So I moved up and sat down by the boy, a third-year student. He immediately hung his head in shame and never looked up again. When the report had been read, those being disciplined began to get up one at a time and give their public apology. Some were in English, some in Tagalog. Most sounded like Academy Award acceptance speeches–I’d like to thank the discipline committee for their understanding, etc.